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Signed his name " Martin Adriarns'' Willem, see Bennet, Aelbertsen, see Albertsen. of Pieter Creser, on Hegeman's books.* Made his mark in 1670 to documents.

Aersen or Aertsen, Aert, Dirck, Gerret and Jan, (see Middagh). Corneiis, Hendrick, Jacob, Jan, Jeremias and Rem, (see Van- derbilt).

To make the work more complete, the records of the state, county, towns, and churches have been carefully examined, and the name of every resident, and of landholders not resident therein found, inserted.

Having in my researches among the ancient and musty records and papers in possession of the old families of King's County (who have kindly favored me with the use of the same), gathered much genealogical and other information worthy of preservation and of use to future genealogists and historians, I take this method of endeavoring to effect that object, and of preserving the same for the use of the public, hoping that it will prove acceptable.

If after his death she again marries, then she to give 50 gl.

13, 1689-90, he and his wife executed a joint will or nuptial agreement, by which it was provided that the survivor should have the use of their joint estates during life. Jacobus Cornelise, Elizabeth Cornelise, and Cornelia Cornelise Van Oosten, the first 210 gl., and the others 200 gl.

May 18, 1720, Peter Stryker, of Fl*"; Antje Martense, b.

* The baptisms referred to in New Amsterdam, New York, Brooklyn, Flatbush, Flatlands, New Utrecht, Gravesend, Bushwick, and the N. churches, were generally administered in the Reformed Dutch churches of those localities, and taken from the records of said churches.

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Resided in Fi'', where lie took the oath of allegiance in 1687, was known as Martin the boor or farmer, and was the ancestor of the Martense family of said town.

Took the oath of allegiance in Br" in 1678 as a native.

His name appears on a deed of freeholders of Br" to Adrian Bennet of Jan.

In 1657, John Hawse built a barn for him as per G** town rec. * For oaths of allegiance of 1687 herein referred to, see a list on p, 659 of Vol. At the period of the early settlement of this country it was customary for individuals to add to their names that of their father, and ornittins: tl eir surnames (many had none). Cornells, on list of catechumens of Br" (Brooklyn) R, D.

f Throughout this work the second name inserted of an individual is the name of his father, as " Alt'l Stoffel J^ansen" represents Abel the son of Stoffel Jansen, or Abel Jansen, son of Stoffel Jansen.

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